What is a bellflask®?

A: bellflask® is a brand-new flexible pouch flask, developed and marketed by a long-time nightclub owner and packaging specialist, that has a patented design to be able to easily carry alcohol wherever you want to take it.

Will it set off a metal detector at a concert or sporting event?

A: No way. Never. Not gonna happen. There is no metal whatsoever in bellflask® or any of it’s components.

Is it light-weight?

A: It is so light-weight you will barely notice you are carrying it! Far lighter than metal or glass or even rigid plastic.

Is it durable?

A: You know it! It’s a 4 layer, super strong film structure that is puncture-resistant and can take most every day kinds of uses.

Will it leak?

A: No it will not. It’s made by a completely state-of-the-art sealing process to weld in the spout. That spout isn’t going anywhere.

Will there be a “plastic-y” taste?

A: Nope! That would be gross. We use a food-grade lamination that imparts no odor or taste to whatever is inside. BPA-Free as well!

How much does it hold?

A: 12 ounces, with convenient measurement lines on the clear sides to know approximately what you have inside! That’s over a third of an entire standard 1 liter bottle of booze!

Can I re-use it?

A: For sure! We recommend washing it by rinsing with hot water.

What do I do if I lose it?

A: Feel bad for 2 minutes and then buy another one. They are awesome AND inexpensive!

Does it come in more than one size and print style?

A: Initially, bellflask® will come in a 12oz capacity size. Additional sizes and print varieties will be available in 2017.

Does it float?

A: It floats so well it should be endorsed by Aquaman.

Will it make me smarter?

A: No, but if you drink whatever you fill it with, you might feel smarter for a little while.

Will it make me cooler?

A: Absolutely! Your coolness factor will skyrocket!

Why is bellflask® different than other pouches being sold as flasks?

A: You can fit more booze into a smaller space. Patented side gusset shaping allows us to offer you a smaller, more convenient size without sacrificing any volume capacity. There is also a special material used to give it far better protection against outside air and moisture than other flexible flasks in the marketplace. We also give you a center location for the spout, so you can drink it naturally as you would any other beverage.



about bellflask®

BellFlask® is the creation of a father-son duo who have an incredible background in flexible packaging.  Gary Bell is an internationally recognized pioneer in flexible packaging with dozens of patents to his name.  Brian Bell, we believe, is the only person on Earth that has both 20 years of flexible packaging experience and over a decade of owning and operating a nightclub.  The perfect combination to create this incredible product!


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bellflask® advantage


Sometimes bigger isn’t better, especially in this case.  Other flexible flasks are usually sealed on the sides, which makes them either hold less liquid or they have to be bigger to hold as much as a BellFlask®.  BellFlask® gives you the most amount of liquid in the smallest space possible thanks to our patented design.

Measurement Lines:

BellFlask® shows you how much liquid you have inside so you can make a perfect drink knowing exactly how much you are pouring.


To our knowledge, BellFlask® is the only flexible flask in the world that is built with four individual layers to give you superior seals, robust durability, and by far the highest barrier against outside moisture and oxygen in the marketplace.

Customers / Rockstars

BellFlask® | Flexible, Concealable Flask | Customers
BellFlask® | Flexible, Concealable Flask | Customers
BellFlask® | Flexible, Concealable Flask | Customers
BellFlask® | Flexible, Concealable Flask | Customers
BellFlask® | The Ultimate Flexible Concealable Flask
BellFlask® | Flexible, Concealable Flask | Customers